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Because I personally have received so many benefits ballroom dancing has  to offer, I find great enjoyment in seeing people grow as a dancer.  I  feel by sharing my thirty plus years of experience and knowledge, I can  touch lives far beyond the physical.  My mission is to spread the joys  of life one dance step at a time.

About Audrey

Instructor Audrey Umekubo has been teaching for over 35 years.  She  studied and trained at the Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Los Angeles, CA  where she also began her teaching career.  Audrey trained new  instructors, has choreographed routines for shows and competitions, as  well as competed in amateur and professional competitions. She has been  teaching in Salina, Kansas for about 25 years, where she has been  involved with the Smoky Hill River Festival's Big Band Dance, Salina  Arts and Humanities Art Infusion Program and Salina Chorale Spring  Concert. She is a popular teacher of ballroom dance and dance exercise  in Salina and surrounding communities.

"A person will be just about as happy as they make up their minds to be."

- Abraham  Lincoln